Get purer products with the right vacuum distillation apparatus

If you need to distill products with very high boiling points or want to remove impurities from various products in a much more efficient manner then you can surely get purer products with the right vacuum distillation apparatus. You can choose from a wide range of vacuum apparatus that can suit your requirements while still fitting inside your premises as well as your budget.

Distillation is a process where a liquid is boiled so as to turn all or selected ingredients within it into gaseous form. This gas is then diverted into cooling tubes or pipes where it is turned back into liquid form through condensation. This process leaves behind unwanted ingredients as well as contaminants and is thus used by several industries as well as home enthusiasts to produce as well as improve various end-products while also ensuring that unwanted contaminants are kept at bay.

Since normal distillation is done at atmospheric pressure, many chemicals need to be heated at very high temperatures to reach their specified boiling points. However, by using the right vacuum distillation apparatus that is suited for commercial or domestic purposes, the boiling point can be brought down considerably, in some cases by hundreds of degrees. Volatile liquids can evaporate very quickly when subjected to a vacuum.

There are various types of vacuum distillation apparatus available for various industries as well as for various types of laboratories that might need such apparatus to conduct research on new fields or even test specific chemicals. The chosen apparatus needs to be sturdy enough to withstand high vacuum pressures and should also be corrosion-resistant and easy-to-maintain at the same time. Large petrochemical companies use huge towers that use this process to refine crude oil and produce various types of fuels for motor cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. These towers feature a vertical vacuum distillation column with trays located at different levels within the tower to collects different substances that vaporize and condense at different temperature and pressure ratings.

If you are an avid alcohol fan that loves to distill various types of alcohols and spirits at home then you too could try to procure matching vacuum distillation apparatus to produce your chosen alcoholic beverage in a more efficient manner. One such apparatus is the Perkin Triangle that uses Teflon valves to separate various types of chemicals. However, you should attempt vacuum distillation only under expert guidance. If your vacuum process spirals out of control then your glass or stainless steel apparatus may simply implode that in turn could cause its boiling contents to splash out and cause injuries. You should first study the entire vacuum distillation process in great detail and should attempt distillation only with the help of experts until you can use such apparatus on your own. However, once you do master this process with matching apparatus then you will surely save a lot of energy, money, and efforts in your distilling process.

There are various methods used by different industries as well as avid home enthusiasts to distill different products. One such method is vacuum distilling that is used to lower the boiling points of various substances as well as filter away undesired contaminants so as to efficiently produce the required end-products. You can certainly get purer products with the right vacuum distillation apparatus even as you end up with lower energy bills.

Make sure to fulfill all conditions while claiming vat back

If you are a vat registered dealer or manufacturer in the United Kingdom or other EU country then you definately must ensure to satisfy all conditions while claiming vat back. Your claim may help offset any expenses directly related to the business or help reduce costs on products imported from another country in which you have already paid VAT.

VAT or value added tax is a system of collecting taxes which has been implemented in many countries all over the world including the European Union. It helps in avoiding double taxation on products and if you are a vat registered trader within the EU with an official vat number you’ll be able to surely claim back any VAT that has recently been paid while importing goods imported to your own country. However, you need to fulfill all conditions and terms imposed by the customs and excise customs vat department in your own country before you reclaim vat successfully from the country of origin.

If you’re not conversant with vat rules imposed in your own country then you should hire a vat consultant or tax consultant that is well versed with all the latest amendments in vat tax, vat rates, and also knows the correct vat refund procedures to be followed while trying to get a vat refund. There are numerous factors that can qualify you for a vat reclaim. If you have imported goods or services from another EU country where vat has been paid then you can reclaim that vat amount provided you do not own a home or business in that country, are not vat registered in the country, and do not supply to that country. However, it is advisable to fully comprehend each rule in great detail before claiming vat back as there are other sub-sections in each rule that should be fulfilled too.

You’ll be able to reclaim vat on import vat if there has been vat paid in another country by utilizing vat online services to sign up yourself first. If you are in the United Kingdom then when you register with hmrc vat online services then you will be in a position to post your obtain your vat reclaim either directly or using your vat agent. You need to send all related documents as proof for claiming vat back and you will also have to be conversant with vat rules in the country or countries in which the vat amounts have originally been paid.

There’s also a time frame of nine months after the end of any calendar year within which you will have to apply for a vat claim in UK even though time period will vary in other European countries. You will also have to be careful while filling out your vat claim as most EU countries do much more than frown on incorrect or fraudulent claims. You may be penalized for a wrong claim or might also be denied any refunds.

A vat claim will help lower your vat burden provided you meet all the required criteria applicable throughout your home country as well as the country where you might have originally paid the vat amount. However, it is very important study each vat rule in great detail and understand its implications before claiming vat back directly or through your agent.

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Using quinine tablets for treatment of malaria

In case you or your loved one is afflicted with malaria or certain other diseases or afflictions then you might have to start using quinine tablets for treatment of malaria or for those specific medical conditions. Quinine is in the forefront for fighting malaria in several countries although it has lost favor with the FDA in America.

Quinine is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree and has been used since well over three centuries to fight malaria. Quinine is known to kill the P.Falciparum parasite that is responsible for spreading malaria into the body and causing death in case of inadequate treatment.

There are different methods of administering quinine to patients such as by intravenous drips or injections or in the form of tablets. While quinine is extremely bitter and can easily induce vomiting if administered in its natural form, quinine tablets that contain quinine sulfate with other ingredients to make it palatable can be given to both adults and children. These tablets are usually offered in 200 and 300 gms, and need to be taken under strict medical supervision.

Although quinine is an effective fighter against malaria and even arthritis as well as lupus, scientists have uncovered a few undesirable side-effects associated with it. These are in the form of cinchonism that includes vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision, skin rashes and sweating, as well as causing irregular heartbeats. In addition, patients should also be monitored to ensure that their blood glucose levels do not fluctuate beyond permissible limits during treatment.

It is precisely these side-effects that compelled the FDA to ban use of quinine for medical purposes in the USA while allowing it for specific cases and for non-medical purposes. Quinine, on the other hand is also blended in extremely small quantities in tonic water to impart a uniquely bitter taste that has caught the palates of drinkers all around the world. Even though the quantity of quinine is miniscule within tonic water, several experts do caution about the dangers of tonic water with quinine, especially for people that drink it in large quantities as a means of relieving leg cramps.

Since quinine is known to also be a muscle relaxant, tablets and drinks containing quinine attract people that suffer from painful leg cramps. However, moderation is the key to trying out any new product, be it in the form of tablets that require medical supervision or tonic water that contains quinine and which is available almost everywhere. If you plan to drink quinine with tonic water to get relief from leg cramps or even migraine then you should get expert medical advice for the same as well as ensure that you are well-aware of the side-effects associated with this drug. However, if consumed in moderation, quinine-infused tonic water should pose no problems and you just might experience relief from leg-cramps in the form of a pleasant side-effect.

Quinine might still be used as an effective drug against malaria as well as several other diseases around the globe. However, the FDA has chosen to ban this drug for medical purposes in the USA. If you or your loved one needs to opt for quinine tablets as a form of treatment or simply want to try out tonic water with quinine to experience relief then knowing more about quinine will definitely help.

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Employing quality yeast is vital for effective ethanol distillation

Strong alcohols and spirits really should come up correctly with the distillation process and working with quality yeast is vital for environment friendly ethanol distillation. Ethanol or alcohol as it is more commonly referred to as is obtainable in the form of quite a few alcoholic beverages and is actually attainable as biofuel through the group of bioethanol, which is treated to power vehicles.

Whenever just about all mild beers along with wines basically employ the brewing procedure for making alcoholic drinks with low strength levels, heavier alcohols and spirits like the whiskey, brandy, vodka, etc are requested to successfully pass by means of the distillation process to establish them with exceptionally high proof levels. All over again, although milder alcohols work with milder variations of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, heavier alcohols require stronger variants that can endure in powerful alcohols without dying, which consequently could produce in jammed fermentation.

There are individual sorts of fermenting yeasts available for purchase like wine yeast, whisky yeast, vodka yeast, etc that help in unique ethanol production. Even so, these yeasts in the process are there in unique qualities as well as inferior yeasts might consist of high quantities of wild yeast or other destructive bacteria that could end up in an inferior and even destructive product. Reliable distillers just like home-distillers will need a form of super yeast that is enriched with significant micro nutrients that can give tougher alcohol strength even at higher temperatures.

Common yeast can basically activate in sugar fermentation at temperatures between 15 and as well as 27 degrees Celsius. They either turn too sluggish or die when the temperature crosses these limits. Having said that, supercharged turbo variants of normal yeast that have been fortified with micro nutrients are there in the type of turbo yeast. This turboyeast can promise outstanding ethanol fermentation that can generate a very good base for ethanol distillation. The alcohol or ethanol taken after making use of turbo yeast isn’t only tougher and even purer but is also higher in yield when compared to alcohol taken from normal yeasts.

The distillation progression generally heats up the ethanol mixture to boiling point where distinct ingredients together with water and even ethanol that have diverse boiling points are evaporated at diverse temperatures. The resultant vapors exceed by means of a condensing unit in the buy an ethanol still exactly where they are cooled back into liquid form. On the other hand, the resultant strong alcohol or spirit will be {excellent|remarkable given that the fermentation process has been finished making use of heavy distillers yeast that yields tougher alcohols in the first place.

If it is a vodka distillery, a whiskey distiller, a brandy distillery or even a bio enthanol plant, the actuality is that these types of units will need hardy yeast to guarantee that the fermentation progression includes a high yield even towards weak mashes. This will lessen the cost of ethanol production as well as have alcohol with better color, acidity and as well as strength. Good quality yeast will also make certain steadiness in production, which actually can improve the brand name of the product and the manufacturer.

It is useful that the mixture that ends up at the distillation plant alone is strong along with pure by nature to be able to extracte more powerful ethanol because of it. Professional distillers along with home-distillers using a small hobby alcohol still have to select top quality yeast just like turbo yeast to make sure that the ethanol distillation course of action ultimately ends up employing ethanol which meets their expectations in terms of quality and as well as quantity.

Sip lazily on quinine water with close friends

If you want to enjoy drinking tonic water embedded with a unique and slightly bitter taste then you can simply sip lazily on quinine water with close friends. This tonic water containing quinine not only provides a wonderful taste but is also claimed to provide relief from leg cramps.

Although the FDA has banned quinine from medical use due to a large number of complaints regarding several adverse side-effects, it has allowed tonic water makers to produce tonic water with quinine. This fizzy, bubbly, and bitter-sweet tonic water that contains very small amounts of quinine has captured the hearts of drinkers all around the world. You too can sip on this palate-pleasing tonic water as you relax alone or are in the company of close friends or can also infuse this water with various alcohols and spirits including gin.

However, quinine in medical preparations such as in the form of quinine sulfate tablets or quinine injections did attract a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. While quinine is used primarily to treat malaria, it was also used to treat lupus, arthritis and even provide relief from painful leg cramps. However, as news of potential side effects such as irregular heart-beats, diarrhea, skin rashes, blurry eyesight, etc., were discovered in recent years, countries such as the USA banned this drug for medicinal purposes.

On the other hand, people were also warned not to drink too much tonic water with quinine thanks to its deteriorating reputation. However, news soon started circulating about the wonderful effects of quinine water as an increasing number of people started claiming that their leg cramps were definitely less after sipping on this bubbly water. A few people also claimed relief from painful migraines after consuming tonic water quinine.

You should, in fact be aware of the dangers of tonic water with quinine before you embark on a sipping spree in a bid to get rid of painful leg cramps. Anything consumed in excess is dangerous and you too should drink only a couple of glasses of tonic water with quinine on a daily basis if you want this delicious and unique-tasting drink to do much more than please your taste buds. There is no guarantee that this drink might alleviate your leg cramps but moderate consumption would help you to find out the results even as you cherish each tasty sip of your tonic water infused with natural quinine.

If you already have an existing medical condition such as any form of heart problem, digestive problems, blood glucose problems, etc., along with your leg-cramping problem then it would be better to consult your doctor before you consume tonic water in large quantities. You should also make it a point to read the list of ingredients mentioned on the tonic water bottle before you buy it so as to ensure that the tonic water is infused only with natural quinine and that too within the prescribed limits.

Quinine might have its share of detractors but still has lots of fans all around the globe despite its bitter taste and damaged reputation as a medical marvel. It seems that quinine when used in very small quantities in tonic water has helped relieve pain in people suffering from debilitating leg cramps. Whether you sip on tonic water for its taste or to relieve pain, you can certainly have fun while sipping lazily on quinine water with close friends.

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Tease your taste buds with bubbly tonic water quinine

Your desire to enjoy a cool and fizzy drink with a completely unique flavor can be realized when you tease your taste buds with bubbly tonic water quinine. Tonic water infused with very small quantity of naturally derived quinine offers a bitter-sweet flavor that your taste buds will surely remember for a very long time.

Quinine was actually used for a completely different reason three centuries ago when people all around the world were searching for ways to beat back malaria. This wonder drug was derived from the bark of the cinchona tree and over the years given orally and intravenously to treat malaria as well as lupus, arthritis, and leg cramps.

However, in recent times, quinine seems to have fallen out with the modern world as news of several unwanted side effects such as irregular heart beats, blurred vision, skin rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, and a few more started to surface within patients. As a result, the FDA banned use of quinine for medical treatment although it was allowed for specific cases as well as for non-medical purposes.

The reason was that quinine had already become famous as a vital ingredient in tonic water that was joyfully consumed all around the world and also blended with various alcohols and spirits such as vodka and gin. The bitter taste of quinine was offset by sweetness provided by sugar or cane sugar in tonic water. Even though very small quantities of quinine are used during manufacture of tonic water, skeptics soon started cautioning people about the dangers of tonic water with quinine.

On the other hand, a growing number of drinkers that enjoyed sipping on tonic water quinine started reporting that they noticed a remarkable reduction in their leg cramps after drinking tonic water infused with natural quinine. There are also people that claimed that their migraines were less intense after drinking tonic water that contained quinine. This could be due to the fact that quinine is also a muscle relaxant.

Since quinine is used in extremely small quantities in tonic water there is no danger in drinking this delicious and bubbly drink. However, as with any other drink, you too should not drink too much tonic water with quinine, especially if you already have fluctuating blood glucose levels, an irregular heartbeat, or a frail digestive system.

You should also monitor your legs for a few weeks if you want relief from leg cramps while drinking moderate levels of tonic water infused only with natural quinine instead of simply containing quinine flavoring. You should thus confirm if the tonic water that you purchase does contain small amounts of quinine extracted naturally instead of artificial quinine flavoring if you want to try reducing the leg cramp pain.

Quinine might have lost its edge in the medical world in the fight against malaria but several countries including developing countries still depend only on this wonder-drug to ward off malaria. On the other hand, quinine has found a new life after being blended in with tonic water in very small quantities that fall well within the range prescribed by the FDA. You too can certainly tease your taste buds with bubbly tonic water quinine even as you try to confirm if this bitter-sweet drink does offer relief from leg cramps.

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Sip on smooth whisky with a home whisky distillation kit

Your dream to experience various forms of whisky can be truly realized when you not only try out various brands of whisky but also sip on smooth whisky with a home whisky distillation kit. A distillation kit for whisky can enable you to create that same magic right in your own home at a fraction of the price of branded whisky.

Whisky is created after fermenting various ingredients that are usually based on the region where this wonderful and heady golden nectar is produced. While some distillers use malted barley, others opt for wheat, while a few opt for rye, and a few even opt for molasses, among other ingredients too. These ingredients are crushed and mixed with water before being introduced to yeast that starts the fermentation process. While larger distilleries use huge commercial stills to ferment and distill the fermented mixture, you can easily replicate the entire process on a smaller scale in your own home with the help of a distilling kit suitable for home distillation.

You can build your own home whisky distillation kit with plans downloaded from the internet but only if you possess high technical skills. Distilling whiskey involves boiling the fermented mixture over an open gas or electric flame, condensing the ethanol or alcohol vapors back into liquid form, and all the while also ensuring that harmful substances such as methanol and acetone do not make it towards the collection vessel and finally into your glass. The easiest way to make whisky at home is to buy a readymade distillation kit that is designed and constructed by master distillers of the alcohol industry and sold over the internet. A few clicks is all that is required to check the features of a capable and reliable distilling kit and order it for your home.

While there might be several websites offering such kits made out of glass or copper, you should instead opt for a stainless steel kit since this metal is rust-proof, corrosion-proof, long-lasting, and extremely easy to maintain. You can thus fulfill all your distilling needs in a safe and convenient manner with a kit made out of stainless steel, especially when you use an inbuilt electric stove to boil your fermented mixture along with an inbuilt fan to condense those vapors. You should also ensure that the yeast used for fermenting your key ingredients can produce a strong mixture or mash in the first place so that further distilling results in truly strong, flavorful, and smooth whisky that can be lazily sipped all by yourself or shared with close friends and family.

If you have a cellar to store and age your homemade whisky then you will surely be rewarded with delicious whisky after a few years. If your whisky distilling kit can also be used to distill other alcohols and spirits, or even water or essential oils then you can now pursue several wonderful hobbies with just a single kit. Over time, you can certainly turn into a master distiller and have your guests guessing on the brand of the whisky served to them even as you secretly smile as they savor each delicious sip of your homemade whisky.

If you have ever wondered if you could distill heady whisky in your own home then you certainly can turn that thought into reality. All you need to do to sip on smooth whisky is a dependable and efficient home whisky distillation kit made by distilling experts so as to extract the most out of your fermented mash.

Know all about what is quinine

If you need to go in for medical treatment that involves the use of quinine or wish to consume products that contain quinine then you should know all about what is quinine. It is certainly important to understand more about this potent drug as well as its side-effects.

Quinine is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree. The malaria-fighting abilities of this bitter-tasting drug were discovered by the Quechua Indians several centuries ago and its popularity soon reached the shores of Europe, USA, and the rest of the world where malaria was rampant. While quinine was primarily used to treat malaria during the seventeenth century, it was also used to treat arthritis, lupus, as well as leg cramps since it also acted as a muscle relaxant while possessing anti-inflammatory properties too.

Quinine was administered orally in the form of quinine sulfate tablets and also delivered in intravenous form to patients including children that had contacted malaria. Adults usually had to consume around 600 mg of quinine sulfate per day during treatment in order to kill the P.Falciparum parasite.

However, over time several studies done to locate various side-effects of quinine unearthed alarming facts. Quinine was known to cause several side effects such as an irregular heartbeat, blurred vision, vomiting, diarrhea, and many more. Patients would certainly need constant cardiac as well as blood glucose monitoring during treatment. After a surge in complaints to the FDA regarding the dangerous side effects of quinine, this drug was finally banned in the USA for medical treatment, except in specific cases while also being allowed to be included in non-medical products.

Quinine was thus allowed to be used in tonic water where its main function was to impart a bitter-sweet taste to the fizzy carbonated drink. Natural quinine was a better choice since many people also claimed that these low levels of quinine in tonic water did help to alleviate painful leg cramps and even migraines. Thus, quinine now attained global popularity in non-medical products even as it seemed to solve several medical problems in tonic water lovers.

On the other hand, voices were also raised about the dangers of tonic water with quinine as some people felt that the ill-effects of quinine would affect regular tonic water drinkers too. However, the amount of natural quinine used in tonic water is very less and is also much below the prescribed levels of the FDA. People that already suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, or have a fragile digestive system should consult their doctor before gulping down tonic water with quinine.

Anyway, since any product consumed in excess could be harmful, quinine infused tonic water too should be sipped in moderate quantity and a glass or two every day could refresh your mind while also offering a chance to check if your leg cramps do reduce in intensity with each delicious sip.

Quinine would indeed have been that perfect drug derived from natural sources. However, this drug does have its share of undesired side effects that could cause problems when taken during medical treatment. On the other hand, non-medical use of quinine that requires very small quantities of quinine might actually end up helping people with leg cramps. Your new-found knowledge on what is quinine might certainly help you to make an informed decision if you too suffer from leg cramps or are simply in search of delicious tonic water with a unique flavor.

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Different types of distillation apparatus to help make heady alcohol

You can certainly create liquid magic in the form of delicious alcohols right at home only if you clearly understand the different types of distillation apparatus (example of apparatus: The Moonshine Still) to help make your heady alcohol. The amount of alcohol that you wish to produce at one time and the reason for distilling alcohol such as for personal consumption or commercial production will help you choose the best apparatus for your heady hobby.

Distillation is a required process for the manufacture of stronger alcohols and spirits. Weak fermented mixtures of mash that already contain lower levels of alcohol need to be boiled so that the alcohol vapors move towards the top of the vessel or pot and are then led into an adjoining pipe that is cooled down to condense those vapors into stronger liquid alcohol or ethanol. This process is repeated several times and each distillation process further boosts the alcohol strength or proof levels of the chosen alcohol. However, depending on the final product that you wish to produce and the desired quantity of your proposed alcohol, you will need to choose matching distilling apparatus so as to efficiently create that strong alcohol.

There are different types of distillation methods such as simple distillation, steam distillation, vacuum distillation, batch distillation, and continuous distillation. These methods required different types of distillation apparatus, although some stills do combine different forms of distillation to provide better and purer yield of alcohols. Depending on the type and quantity of alcohol that you propose to produce, you can choose between pot distillation apparatus, fractional distillation apparatus, column distillation apparatus, etc so that you can extract single or multiple types of alcohols with maximum strength in a safe and efficient manner.

For example, if you plan on distilling vodka at home then you will first need to ferment potatoes or rye or any other chosen ingredient in water with the help of sturdy vodka yeast such as turbo yeast. You can now choose the pot distillation apparatus to prepare small batches of delectable vodka by boiling your mash and separating the vodka vapors from the rest of the mash with effective condensation. Since alcohols distilled at home are also known as moonshine, you can choose between copper moonshine stills or stills made entirely out of stainless steel to produce your desired vodka right at home. You can now either share your prepared vodka on the rocks with close friends or simply add delectable flavors to sip on enticing flavored vodka while thanking your home distillation apparatus for each delectable batch of heady vodka.

You can easily browse over a wide range of distilling apparatus in kit form by seeking out trustworthy online stores that offer compact apparatus made out of stainless steel to offer years of uninterrupted distillation. You can also go in for larger apparatus if you plan to market your produced vodka in a commercial manner.

Whether you wish to distill various alcohols, spirits, water, or even essential oils for your home or for your business or for educational purposes, your distillation process will start only when you have proper distilling apparatus at hand. You should browse between different types of distillation apparatus so as to get the best yield possible with the least amount of effort.

Online cheap book shops are a blessing!

Cheap book shops are what most book lovers constantly look out for! While a book lover may be desperate to get his/her hands on the latest bestseller, he/she might have a problem doing that because of the tight budget situation. This is why most readers are constantly on the look out for cheap book shops.

Most bookshops are a treasure trove for avid readers. There is nothing more exciting than to be able to leisurely browse through stacks of exciting books at the local bookstore. If the price is just right and reasonable – there is nothing to stop you from buying it at once! Today however, with the help of the internet, it is possible to avail of the best deals an online cheap book shop can offer you.

Hundreds of sites have a wide selection of online cheap book shops for the reader to chose from. The convenience and ease with which you can buy a book of your choice online in unbeatable and moreover you save yourself a lot of time in doing so! The best part of it is that not only are the books cheap but one can also avail of the subscription discounts on books and magazines.

Online cheap book shops have a variety of discounted books on antiques, arts, cookery, best sellers, crime, educational, thriller, horror, children’s books, atlases, maps, posters and others. Tesco books has more than a million books you can choose from and they gift wrap and deliver it free of cost to any place in the UK for orders more than 15 pounds.

Other online cheap book stores like and etc can offer you books, games, toys etc. with free delivery. The Hut and Red House are also examples of cheap book shops that are specialists in all children’s books. They offer heavy discounts on books and also deliver them free to your doorstep. Latest best sellers, fiction and non-fiction books are available online.

If you are passionate about books then you have to shop online at Books Direct Bargains. As the name implies, they are one of the cheap book shops that offer not only the latest fiction books but also celebrity biographies as well as thrillers and crime books. Apart from these history books on aviation and military, transport and railway etc are available at super throw-away prices.

Most online cheap book shops offer the clients an array of books. You can instantly get access to more than 4 million titles with free delivery in the UK. Blackwell Books are a superb example of this type of bookstore. Special offers are in plenty and make it easy for you to purchase your books.

Cheap book shops online also includes Lonely Planet. With a 7.5% cash back offer, this is a travel publisher that offers you more than 600 titles that include city guides, country guides, phrase books, shoestring guides and also special activity guides with pictorials. It is worth shopping online at this cheap book shop. If you are a collector and crazy about rare and out of print books, then Abebooks is just the shop for you. Most students shop here for textbooks and plenty of bargain hunters have found books that have a 90% discount! All this with free delivery is hard to beat!