Know all about what is quinine


If you need to go in for medical treatment that involves the use of quinine or wish to consume products that contain quinine then you should know all about what is quinine. It is certainly important to understand more about this potent drug as well as its side-effects.

Quinine is extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree. The malaria-fighting abilities of this bitter-tasting drug were discovered by the Quechua Indians several centuries ago and its popularity soon reached the shores of Europe, USA, and the rest of the world where malaria was rampant. While quinine was primarily used to treat malaria during the seventeenth century, it was also used to treat arthritis, lupus, as well as leg cramps since it also acted as a muscle relaxant while possessing anti-inflammatory properties too.

Quinine was administered orally in the form of quinine sulfate tablets and also delivered in intravenous form to patients including children that had contacted malaria. Adults usually had to consume around 600 mg of quinine sulfate per day during treatment in order to kill the P.Falciparum parasite.

However, over time several studies done to locate various side-effects of quinine unearthed alarming facts. Quinine was known to cause several side effects such as an irregular heartbeat, blurred vision, vomiting, diarrhea, and many more. Patients would certainly need constant cardiac as well as blood glucose monitoring during treatment. After a surge in complaints to the FDA regarding the dangerous side effects of quinine, this drug was finally banned in the USA for medical treatment, except in specific cases while also being allowed to be included in non-medical products.

Quinine was thus allowed to be used in tonic water where its main function was to impart a bitter-sweet taste to the fizzy carbonated drink. Natural quinine was a better choice since many people also claimed that these low levels of quinine in tonic water did help to alleviate painful leg cramps and even migraines. Thus, quinine now attained global popularity in non-medical products even as it seemed to solve several medical problems in tonic water lovers.

On the other hand, voices were also raised about the dangers of tonic water with quinine as some people felt that the ill-effects of quinine would affect regular tonic water drinkers too. However, the amount of natural quinine used in tonic water is very less and is also much below the prescribed levels of the FDA. People that already suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, or have a fragile digestive system should consult their doctor before gulping down tonic water with quinine.


Anyway, since any product consumed in excess could be harmful, quinine infused tonic water too should be sipped in moderate quantity and a glass or two every day could refresh your mind while also offering a chance to check if your leg cramps do reduce in intensity with each delicious sip.

Quinine would indeed have been that perfect drug derived from natural sources. However, this drug does have its share of undesired side effects that could cause problems when taken during medical treatment. On the other hand, non-medical use of quinine that requires very small quantities of quinine might actually end up helping people with leg cramps. Your new-found knowledge on what is quinine might certainly help you to make an informed decision if you too suffer from leg cramps or are simply in search of delicious tonic water with a unique flavor.

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Different types of distillation apparatus to help make heady alcohol

You can certainly create liquid magic in the form of delicious alcohols right at home only if you clearly understand the different types of distillation apparatus (example of apparatus: The Moonshine Still) to help make your heady alcohol. The amount of alcohol that you wish to produce at one time and the reason for distilling alcohol such as for personal consumption or commercial production will help you choose the best apparatus for your heady hobby.

Distillation is a required process for the manufacture of stronger alcohols and spirits. Weak fermented mixtures of mash that already contain lower levels of alcohol need to be boiled so that the alcohol vapors move towards the top of the vessel or pot and are then led into an adjoining pipe that is cooled down to condense those vapors into stronger liquid alcohol or ethanol. This process is repeated several times and each distillation process further boosts the alcohol strength or proof levels of the chosen alcohol. However, depending on the final product that you wish to produce and the desired quantity of your proposed alcohol, you will need to choose matching distilling apparatus so as to efficiently create that strong alcohol.

There are different types of distillation methods such as simple distillation, steam distillation, vacuum distillation, batch distillation, and continuous distillation. These methods required different types of distillation apparatus, although some stills do combine different forms of distillation to provide better and purer yield of alcohols. Depending on the type and quantity of alcohol that you propose to produce, you can choose between pot distillation apparatus, fractional distillation apparatus, column distillation apparatus, etc so that you can extract single or multiple types of alcohols with maximum strength in a safe and efficient manner.

For example, if you plan on distilling vodka at home then you will first need to ferment potatoes or rye or any other chosen ingredient in water with the help of sturdy vodka yeast such as turbo yeast. You can now choose the pot distillation apparatus to prepare small batches of delectable vodka by boiling your mash and separating the vodka vapors from the rest of the mash with effective condensation. Since alcohols distilled at home are also known as moonshine, you can choose between copper moonshine stills or stills made entirely out of stainless steel to produce your desired vodka right at home. You can now either share your prepared vodka on the rocks with close friends or simply add delectable flavors to sip on enticing flavored vodka while thanking your home distillation apparatus for each delectable batch of heady vodka.

You can easily browse over a wide range of distilling apparatus in kit form by seeking out trustworthy online stores that offer compact apparatus made out of stainless steel to offer years of uninterrupted distillation. You can also go in for larger apparatus if you plan to market your produced vodka in a commercial manner.

Whether you wish to distill various alcohols, spirits, water, or even essential oils for your home or for your business or for educational purposes, your distillation process will start only when you have proper distilling apparatus at hand. You should browse between different types of distillation apparatus so as to get the best yield possible with the least amount of effort.

Online cheap book shops are a blessing!

Cheap book shops are what most book lovers constantly look out for! While a book lover may be desperate to get his/her hands on the latest bestseller, he/she might have a problem doing that because of the tight budget situation. This is why most readers are constantly on the look out for cheap book shops.

Most bookshops are a treasure trove for avid readers. There is nothing more exciting than to be able to leisurely browse through stacks of exciting books at the local bookstore. If the price is just right and reasonable – there is nothing to stop you from buying it at once! Today however, with the help of the internet, it is possible to avail of the best deals an online cheap book shop can offer you.

Hundreds of sites have a wide selection of online cheap book shops for the reader to chose from. The convenience and ease with which you can buy a book of your choice online in unbeatable and moreover you save yourself a lot of time in doing so! The best part of it is that not only are the books cheap but one can also avail of the subscription discounts on books and magazines.

Online cheap book shops have a variety of discounted books on antiques, arts, cookery, best sellers, crime, educational, thriller, horror, children’s books, atlases, maps, posters and others. Tesco books has more than a million books you can choose from and they gift wrap and deliver it free of cost to any place in the UK for orders more than 15 pounds.

Other online cheap book stores like and etc can offer you books, games, toys etc. with free delivery. The Hut and Red House are also examples of cheap book shops that are specialists in all children’s books. They offer heavy discounts on books and also deliver them free to your doorstep. Latest best sellers, fiction and non-fiction books are available online.

If you are passionate about books then you have to shop online at Books Direct Bargains. As the name implies, they are one of the cheap book shops that offer not only the latest fiction books but also celebrity biographies as well as thrillers and crime books. Apart from these history books on aviation and military, transport and railway etc are available at super throw-away prices.

Most online cheap book shops offer the clients an array of books. You can instantly get access to more than 4 million titles with free delivery in the UK. Blackwell Books are a superb example of this type of bookstore. Special offers are in plenty and make it easy for you to purchase your books.

Cheap book shops online also includes Lonely Planet. With a 7.5% cash back offer, this is a travel publisher that offers you more than 600 titles that include city guides, country guides, phrase books, shoestring guides and also special activity guides with pictorials. It is worth shopping online at this cheap book shop. If you are a collector and crazy about rare and out of print books, then Abebooks is just the shop for you. Most students shop here for textbooks and plenty of bargain hunters have found books that have a 90% discount! All this with free delivery is hard to beat!

Why discount book shops are the rage!

Discount book shops are the rage with passionate book lovers for the obvious reason – one can pick up a fantastic book at a cheap price in no time at all! Today with ever increasing prices and a shoestring budget most book lovers find online discount book shops a real blessing and an advantage.

Sites like and can help you get the best books at a cheap and discounted price. The ease and convenience with which you can buy a book today is amazing. Just by searching for used and cheap books by using the author’s name, title etc, you will be able to locate the book you want. Once you have made your choice all you have to do is compare the prices and before you know it the online discount book shop will search through online bookstores so that you can get the book at the cheapest price. After that all you need to do is click the “buy now” button!

Discount book shops online are generally secure and safe. However, the true book lover will never say “no” to a leisurely browse through stacks of books at the local book store. Some of the best discount book shops in Brisbane are the best. Annerley Community Bookshop is a secondhand store that is a non-profit organization. This is a large and lovely shop that stocks around 15,000 books. Most of the fiction books are priced at just $5.

Another discount book shop is the Archives Fine Books that is antiquarian and has a massive selection of used books. The prices are so reasonable that it is very popular. Another is Bent Books at West End. This is a small shop with a good range of sought after second hand books. They constantly have new stock and this makes each visit really exciting. Because of the volume of stock, one needs time to really browse through the books but because you get the very best – it is great fun and satisfying. Moreover, the shop is very easily found being just a few minutes away from the center of Brisbane.

No matter where your interests lie when it comes to reading, you can easily find the best of books in a discount book shop. These shops have categories that cover travel, anthropology, spirituality, esoteric, arts, literature, nature, music, sexuality, nature gardens and even eastern western philosophy.

Discount book shops online are the best way to get your books as quickly as possible. These stores know everything about the books and can also discuss them with you when you order them. There are massive selections of online discount book shops for the avid reader. The best part is that they are sub-categorized in order to save precious time when you are searching. Subscription discounts are constantly being offered on books and magazines.

Discount book shops help you to get a desired book for a cheaper price. Online discount book shops have a variety of discounted magazines and books on every subject imaginable. Most of these deliver it free too!

How advantageous it is to order books online Australia

Order books online Australia and you will never regret it because you will realize how easy and quick the whole process is! There are plenty of bookshops online that are soon becoming very popular all over the world because of the prompt service and the good quality books that are made accessible for a fantastic cheap price! Most booklovers automatically look out for reasonably priced good books. This is why online book shops are becoming so popular.

If you want to order books online in Australia all you have to do is visit a good site like and you will find that they help you to locate excellent books in various categories that range from used, second hand, new, rare, out of print and collectable books that will delight you. Not only are many of these books easily downloadable but once you have made your choice and order your book online, the online store will send you the book in no time at all.

Today many people are influenced a lot by newspapers and magazines. This shows that they do not have the time or desire to browse through the books at a local bookstore for want of time or passion. Whatever be the reason, an online bookstore is the ideal thing for such a person.

There are many directories of bookstores which separate categories into Australian, Victorian or world categories. The Australian Online Bookshop is a good place to order books online. All you have to do is search for the desired book and then order the book even if it is not listed (as long as you fill in the details regarding the author, name/title of the book, ISBN, etc). Once you locate the book you can pop it into the shopping cart and order it. This bookstore gives you a 15% discount on most of the books. You will have to pay by Pay Pal, Master Card, Visa, direct debit, Cheque, money order etc. whatever is convenient for you. Gift vouchers are also available at this online bookshop.

Borders is another online bookshop where you can buy the best of books at a reasonable cost. They offer you 75% discount on selected books and will deliver your book within 30 days. The range of books is fantastic – over two million non fiction, fiction and next generation books are available. Apart from books, DVDs, CDs, stationery and calendars, gifts and home wares are also on sale at cheaper prices. Borders have come to be known as one of the finest bookshops in the world – where book lovers can browse through and find what they want.

Order books online Australia has become one of the easiest things to do. Penguin Books Australia helps you to order for your books at online stores like Angus Robertson which features the top 100 books that include the latest releases and the national top 10 books. Their website details easy browsing, author signings, locations and purchasing of books online etc. Boomerang Books is another discount online store that stocks over a million titles online and gives the reader up to 25% discount.

Browsing through second hand bookshops Melbourne

Second hand bookshops Melbourne are in plenty and every book lover knows that when they are on a shoestring or tight budget, there is nothing better than to give in to a quiet leisurely time with a favorite book. This is when browsing through second hand bookshops are just the thing! Browsing through scores of exciting books at the local bookstore is a huge temptation to a bookworm and the thrill of sifting through books is unbeatable.

Melbourne has its share of second hand bookshops and the suburbs have a large array of bookshops that are crammed with books of every kind. This makes it fairly easy for a book lover to get his/her hands on coveted titles and best selling books for very reasonable prices.

Some of the best loved second hand bookshops Melbourne are City Basement Books (known as CBD) which is a veritable haven for the booklover who can stroll leisurely past thousands of books; Book Affair that stocks a wide range of books; Alice’s Bookshop that is situated in North Carlton that has antiquarian books and Carlton Secondhand Books on Swanston Street whose stocks of books is a treasure trove.

No booklover will be able to resist spending an afternoon at a secondhand bookshop. The best part of shopping at these stores is the fact that you are not really sure of the type of book you want to pick up and are ultimately thrilled and delighted at the books you finally find! The fact is that hundreds of booklovers who visit these second hand shops find themselves buying a book just because they fell in love with the cover!

Since one cannot deny that whiling away one’s time in a second hand bookshop gives great pleasure it is important to know some of Melbourne’s good second hand bookshops. Bookhouse on Fitzroy street has been operating for the last 21 years and has fine 20th century literature, children’s books, culinary titles etc. One of the best things for a book lover is to find little “mementoes” that have been left behind – like cards, letters, photos, pressed flowers, etc – in these second hand books! The owner of this shop Mr. Ben Kemp is known to leave them behind for the “next/new” owner to find and inherit!

Second Edition on Glenferrie Rd, sells good quality second hand books, vinyl records and vintage magazines. Booktalk Bookstore Café on Swan St was one of the first stores in Australia that had a café too! This store has more than 12,000 second hand books and offers a “book-exchange” program. Syber’s Books on 38 Chapel St specializes in the unusual, odd stuff that is usually hard to find anywhere else. From crime, sci-fi and literature to medical textbooks and biographies they have it all!

Second hand bookshops Melbourne like Sainsbury’s Books on 534 Riversdale Road, Camberwell has more than 20,000 books that are devoted to the arts and photography. Books for Cooks in Fitzroy cater to chefs as they have a fabulous range of cooking books. Finally, McLeod’s which is one of Melbourne’s oldest bookshop is a “must-visit” with over 35,000 books.

Reliable and experience second hand bookshops Sydney

Second hand bookshops Sydney continue to assist and delight hundreds of book lovers because they are generally customer focused and efficient. If you are a book lover and need to know where you can purchase books then you can try contacting reliable book stores like Bookshops Sydney or Elizabeth’s Bookshops which are the finest in Sydney.

Not only do these stores realize that book trade on the internet is competitive and the book lover has a fantastic range of overseas and local suppliers, but they aim to match or even beat online prices. Elizabeth’s Bookshops boast that they give the customer the best price and service in Australia. In order to encourage online buying of books they offer free postage for orders in Australia that are more than $49 apart from the discount coupons and loyalty rewards.

As everyone knows second hand bookshops Sydney are about the titles you find and not about those you are trying to look out for! Bookshops Sydney has a second hand exchange-program that is guaranteed to satisfy the customer. From friendly and efficient staff to a fantastic wide range of books these stores are one of the best second hand bookshops Sydney that you can find.

Not only have these second hand bookshops Sydney built a strong reputation of being a good quality bookshop but also they have proved to be professionally efficient and satisfying to their clients. With trained staff who assist you when you need information and help or advice to prompt service they are worth visiting and shopping at.

Ashwoods Music and Books in Sydney is also known to be a superb second hand book shop. The stock is said to be in very good condition and available in all genres and categories. The Cornstalk is another second hand book shop that is well stocked with books that are reasonably priced. In fact block busters (hard covered) that are not really worth anything are just priced at $5. What makes shopping here so delightful is that the staff is really friendly and the shop seems to be very organized. Helpful staff will lend a hand if you are looking for a particular or special book. They will take the trouble to find it for you. Another plus point is the beautiful window display that is never the same for too long. Superb glass cabinets that are stuffed with special interest and antiquarian books (though expensive) are a delight to look at.

Second hand bookshops Sydney also include Da Capo Music that is a specialist in all second hand and antiquarian music books, printed music sheets, scores, etc. They have about six rooms dedicated to second hand music books, programs and sheets/scores. This is definitely heaven for most music lovers. The staff here is knowledgeable as well as friendly.
Second hand bookshops Sydney like The Florilegium: the Garden Bookstore, is another secondhand bookshop, specializing in books on botany and gardening. The George Street Book and Record Exchange in Sydney is a second hand bookshop that stocks plenty of cheap as well as discounted books. Gertrude and Alice at Bondi Beach is a fantastic second hand bookshop that has scores of shelves crammed with all types of books. The Hemmingway Room in this store even as a beautiful chess table for customers to play.

Use an online service to get a free freight quote

Free freight quote can be got at various sites on the internet. Worldwide cargo services can be used to ask for free freight quotes for a huge range of cargo and shipments both for domestic as well as international shipments. All you have to do is make a simple request while using the online form and before you know it you will have information as well as numerous free freight quotes and carriers for your ready perusal and comparison.

Online sites are a great shipping resource that is important for you to get shipping costs and suppliers without having to leave the comfort of your home. Online sites are meant for different shippers like importers, exporters, forwarders, movers, individuals, consolidators etc. Many sites are free services that provide you with different quotations from different forwarders, carriers, ship owners, brokers, logistics firms and warehouse operators, etc on a basis that is neutral. is a good place to get every kind of information and shipping costs that will help you make your decision in no time at all. A good cargo service will ensure that their staff will save you money and time by making sure that your freight matches the proper carrier and equipment, comparing the rates of multiple carriers, tracking and dispatching various shipments and even helping you with your claims if it is necessary.

It is important to make sure that the freight services you employ utilizes a very high standard of land, sea and air transportation to ensure that your cargo/freight reaches its destination in a fast and efficient manner. Free freight quote as well as freight shipping services and truck shipping are the usual services provided by logistics companies. These companies can transport freight efficiently and reliably from truckloads to mere 500 lbs. National, flatbeds or international, standard transit, etc are handled at very reasonable prices. Moreover they have established relationships and contracts with a large number of independent and common carriers through out the nation – all of which meet the quality standards.

To ensure that your shipping costs are not too high and that you are getting the best free freight quote on international as well as truck shipping, it is imperative that you engage a logistics company that can help you to solve problems and make sure that your freight costs and transportation costs are reduced. Go online to get free freight quotes and find out if it determines your cost of freight.

Free freight quote from a good logistics company will ensure that your needs and your customer’s needs are well taken care of. This is because the company will work in order to meet your shipping requirements etc. They work with major regional/long haul carriers in order to bring both your customers and you, cost effective claims-free service.

Free freight quote from an online company that has a large and superior service will help you in your business. The demand for a fast delivery service is growing rapidly and the online market is flooded with freight services that are not only reasonable but also efficient.

Why international courier companies are an asset to any business

International courier companies are a huge asset to a business – whether big or small. At some point in time a need to employ such a company will arise. One of the easiest ways in which to find an international courier company is the internet. Not only is there a vast range of companies to choose from, you will also get plenty of information as regards to the particular company and shipping particulars etc.

One of the best things about the internet search for international courier companies is that you can research and compare prices, etc with an ease and convenience that is astounding. In no time at all you can find a company that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Both internet companies as well as local courier companies have advantages. Where the internet courier company will do most of the legwork for you online, the local courier company will offer you personal service and staff who are able to answer your questions and soothe your fears!! However the way an international courier company online takes over your work of picking up your parcel at the particular location and then delivering it at the desired location is amazing. This is probably the reason why they cost more than the local courier service.

International courier companies are plenty and before you decide on a particular company to do your work, you should make sure that you get all the facts and figures before you commit yourself to employing them to do your work for you. If you need to ship your goods abroad, then of course you should take into consideration the fees and costs involved. The very first thing you should ensure is that the company is reliable and reasonable as far as their international taxes, import duties and custom rates are concerned. It is therefore important that you research the insurance options for packages and the company’s abilities to track down en-route packages before you sign them on.

Another important aspect to consider before engaging the services of an international courier company is to do homework as regards to the company’s ratings on customer satisfaction. Reading other customer testimonies and being aware of complaints etc will help you to understand the efficiency of the said company better. You could also check out how the courier company has dealt with past problems and complaints to help you gauge their working system.

Dependable international courier companies can be a boon to your business and can help you to work better. It is sensible to find a reliable courier company so that your business needs are met and you don’t incur losses due to the inefficiency of some irresponsible act of another company.

International courier companies offer you plenty of services that range from door-to-door services to overnight services. The door to door service is commonly used by most individuals and businesses. Here the courier company picks up the package from your home or company and delivers it directly to the person/company. The courier company usually sees that there is someone who accepts the package which is signed for. The overnight service is more expensive because the package is usually delivered only the next day (for example: money or time-sensitive documents). The parcel is taken by boat/plane etc to arrive at the destination on time.