Lantus insulin glargine injection a benefit for diabetics

Lantus is an insulin glargine injection. Insulin glargine is recombinant human long acting insulin plus it enables you to lower the blood glucose. Lantus is the most beneficial medical solution for diabetic people. It is usually consumed in conjunction with oral diabetes medications.

Lantus is manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. It contain insulin glargine dissolved in a very clear aqueous fluid. One milliliter of lantus is made up of 3.6378 mg (100IU) glargine insulin The constituents for 3 ml insulin cartridge usually are 30 mg zinc, 20 mg glycerol, 2.7 mg m-cresol as well as water for injection. Lantus has pH of approximately 4. Its pH can be modified by addition of aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid and also sodium hydroxide.

You could take this insulin whenever you want in the daytime, but it must be taken simultaneously each day. An additional dose of insulin may result in hypoglycemia; it’s the most typical adverse effect of insulin. So be cautious whilst modifying in insulin timing, insulin strength, and also insulin type. Additionally monitor blood glucose frequently.

According to a new study on diabetes care, Lantus works more effectively than NPH (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn). Treatment with Lantus triggered expected fasting blood glucose levels. Pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes and also adult patients having type 2 diabetes need to take lantus once in one day. Typically type 2 diabetes patients require long-acting insulin for the control over hyperglycemia.

Lantus is used for greater decline in fasting blood glucose when compared with NPH insulin patients. Normally lantus and NPH exhibits equivalent fasting plasma glucose variability. But more lantus patients experience injection site pain. Also there are some adverse events due to lantus treatment just like skin reactions, lipodystrophy, hypoglycemia and allergic reactions. If you use any insulin therapy sodium retention and edema may occur.

You cannot dilute or mix lantus with any other insulin. If lantus is combined with any other solution, it may turn out to be cloudy. The time course of lantus action can vary in several individuals. The speed of absorption of insulin depends upon physical activity, blood supply and also temperature. Whilst taking lantus insulin you should learn appropriate injection process and should monitor glucose level that site. Patients should be aware of particular situations just like illness, emotional disruptions and stress. It could happen because of enhanced insulin dose, skipped meals and inadequate food consumption. Patient should take special care while pregnant.

In lantus insulin treatment you sould never forget some points:
Without advice of your doctor don’t change the insulin. Alteration of insulin manufacturer, type and strength depends upon your blood sugar level. You should check sugar levels before beginning any insulin. Insulin injections are very important for diabetes control, but together with an insulin dose exercise, diet and also cautious checking of your blood sugar levels are equally important.

Before you begin any insulin treatment (lantus insulin included) you need to inform your doctor concerning all health issues. As the doctor can then study your health problems and regulate the insulin doses appropriately. Always follow your doctor’s directions when on insulin treatment.