Obtaining Better Search Engine Ranking Positions With Google’s New Update

As everyone knows Google is continuously updating how they are indexing the sites inside their search results. What what this means is to you is that you continuously have to keep up to date with the new revisions that Google creates. One of the newest things which Google is currently using to determine search engine rankings is the amount of time folks end up staying on your internet site. Below you are going to find a few suggestions which you can follow that will have folks staying on your site longer than they used to.

One of the initial actions you can take in order to keep men and women on your internet site longer is to ensure that all external links which leads to an additional page open up in a new window. The real reason for this is to make it so when men and women click on a link on your internet site when new window opens but your internet site remains in a browser. By doing this Google will see that your website remains inside their browser for a longer period of time. Typically when a site opens up a new window the person who clicked on the link will leave the original window opened while they take a look at the other internet site. Meaning that for however long they’re on the other internet site your site will still be opened in the window underneath that one.

Another thing you can do to get men and women to interact with your website and get them to remain on your website longer is to offer them a free download. The best choice is to have a pop-up on your website that appears as soon as some one comes to your internet site. You do not need to attempt to get the visitors e-mail address in this box, you only want to provide them with a link that they’re able to click to get a free download. At this point you want the link that they clicked on to bring them to another page on your internet site. This will keep them on your internet site longer, and also show Google that they’re going to more than one page on your internet site. Once these men and women get to the next web page you can have them enter their e-mail address to obtain a free download. The benefits that are related to this strategy are two-fold, first you will be building an e-mail list, secondly you will be showing Google that men and women interact with your site and stay there longer.

You should also remember that the basics of SEO are still very important. This includes appropriate key word and also key word phrase positioning throughout your internet site. Although Google has updated their algorithms the building of back-links is still extremely crucial in your search engine placement. Most folks are aware of the importance of back-links but if you’re not, you ought to understand that this will greatly impact your rankings. For those of you looking to get additional love from Google, the recommendations above will definitely help you to improve the ranking of your website. There are of course other ways to keep men and women on your website but the suggestions should get you started.